DISSection presents a good opportunity to gain knowledge whilst furthering the development of a vaccine against S. aureus infections, for which no licensed vaccines are currently available.


The scientific elements of the fellows’ training will focus on acquiring key skills in microbiology,
immunology and vaccinology; the program will enhance knowledge of the different phases
and disciplines involved in the rational design of a vaccine and development of 3D human
skin models for research on S. aureus infection.

Moreover, the transferable skill courses foreseen in DISSection will provide Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) with the necessary tools to manage projects, find funds and communicate effectively to different stakeholders or non-scientific media. These courses, will guarantee that all the ESRs receive enough knowledge on various complementary topics to foster their entrepreneurial mind-set. The intersectorial and interdisciplinary aspects of the partnership will produce scientists who are able to adapt to changes in global technology and who will represent an investment in the research assets of the European Union.


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